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One day I asked the Lord to give me a new word never before used. And these are the uniquely God-given words and their God-given meaning, as He revealed to me. Now I checked and these words have to be picked up and widely used in the mainstream before Merriam-Webster Dictionary people could consider it for possible official submission. Here's where you come in to help me circulate these terms.

Erasinity - E-RA-SIN'-I-TY
(pron. long e, long a, short i)

Meaning: To get rid of any sign of past victories or triumphs with the stroke of a pen or pencil (To deliberately and intentionally erase away, rub out, blot out, obliterate, destroy, leave no trace of the actual. i.e., to engage in the practice of by totally reworking historical accounts to ones own satisfactory outcome. This comes from an outlook that is jaundiced, confused, and with no regard for soundness of ideologies based on actual occurrences in their season).

Derivative words --

Erasinogists - Those who engage in the practice of

Erasology - The study of

Erasologists- Those who engage in the study of


The Spirit of the Lord said that whereas "Revisionists" may seek to change facts or to overlook written reports and stated or written eyewitness accounts of significant historical occurrences, the Erasinogist seeks to totally do away with any trace of any facts or reality surrounding the reported occurrence (whether written or stated). While this application may generally be used for secular historical occurrences, it specifically points to those who disavow the validity of spiritual accounts as recorded by God in the Holy Bible.

These new words are signed and Notarized on Jan. 12, 2004, by this Christian author, as received by the Holy Ghost. Under seal.

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